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From the valley of the Draa through wonderful oases and beautiful Kasbahs in the valley of the Dads Morocco will bind you into its spell.

Come and experience the fascination of infinite space and the dune landscapes, the freshness of the oases and the charm of authentic Kasbahs.

We offer you a large selection of Tours Make your choice. Go on a journey for a couple of days. You'll love it.

In this sport paradise you have a variety of alternatives, such as high sea-fishing, hunting, camel tours, golf, tennis and much more. To thoroughly absorb this unique world we have one of our jeeps ready for you. Come to Morocco and experience with us a wonderful and fascinating country

You can enjoy the flowering almond trees, or roaring waterfalls or enjoy the singularness of the oases or wild beaches, observe rare birds (flamingos, Ibises, herons, etc.), and cross the High Atlas.

Here a small selection of our current Tours starting from Agadir, Marrakesch and Casablanca.

Trekking & Tours:

Special Offers

  • Agadir: Bathing Holiday & Discovery
  • Agadir & Essaouira
  • Agadir & Mountain Trip
  • Agadir & Experience the Anti Atlas mountains


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