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Ouar Kasbah




Hotel Tombuctou: The Gateway to the Todra Gorge

Hotel Tombuctou
Hotel Tombuctou
Hotel Tombuctou
Hotel Tombuctou

Hotel Tombuctou

The hotel has two restaurants (one of it in a Nomad tent) a reception, tea room with TV, a small Swimming pool with area for children. 18 attractive and tastefully furnished double rooms with shower, WC, fan and telephone.


Single room 48 Euro with breakfast
Double room 68 Euro with breakfast
Three bed room 88 Euro with breakfast
Four bed room 108 Euro with breakfast
Junior Suite 130 Euro per day with breakfast

Todra Gorge:
Tips from Edith Kohlbach

A trip to the Todra Gorge is an absolute must, the road runs mostly on an elevation, with a wonderful view of the green oasis in the valley and the Kasbah villages an the slopes.

Farmers work in the fields, the boys go to the school, the girls are responsible for the heavy task of getting drinking water from the river. Donkeys carry water tanks hung on both sides, the girls tie up their skirts and draw water with a bucket and fill the tanks. Next to them women sit and wash their laundry in the Todra river.

The river carries water almost the the whole year round. Before the narrow part of the Gorge, a spring supplies the Todra all year round with water. Tourists usually make a brief stop for photos before they go on to lunch.

Hotel Yasmina

Hotel Yasmina

The narrowest place is only 10 metres wide, through which a cold mountain streams flows. It is surrounded by steep cliffs 300 metres high, which are popular with climbers. The 600 metre long ravine, covered with oleander bushes, is best experienced on foot. Best of all, it’s a good idea to wander somewhat further through the stony valley, where you can enjoy the landscape without disturbance.

There you will see reptiles scurrying for cover and birds gliding in circles. After a couple of hundred metres you are alone, disturbed maybe only be a shepherd with his herd.

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