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Taghazout, the place where the Sun shines 350 days a year!

Tagahzout Oceanview
Tagahzout Oceanview
Tagahzout Oceanview Tagahzout Oceanview Tagahzout Oceanview

Taghazout is a small romantic fishing village, about 20 kilometres to the north of Agadir. A 10 kilometre long sandy beach stretches to the south and to the north there are several small sandy beaches.

The beaches are clean and the water is clear and warm. With an average temperature of 25° C and 350 sunny days, you can get yourself a healthy tan any time of the year.

There are also many places in the interior that you can make an excursion to, such as picturesque valleys, waterfalls, oasis’, towns and villages. Just as in 1001 nights, you will be transported in an instant to 200 hundred years or more in the past. The Berbers still ride mules and create all sorts of artworks per hand.

The coast offers many sporting activities, such as surfing, sailing, diving, bike riding  and hiking. After which you can revitalise your self with Tachine or Kuskus, Moroccan coastal specialties.
Surfing on the Moroccan coast


Taghazout is one of the best surf riding areas in Africa and the best in Morocco. The best time of year for surfing is between October and April.

Surfboard and course reservations should be made before your trip per e-mail.


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