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  • www.agadir-holiday.com
  • mediates contracts for holidays accommodations, flights and rented cars between customers and landlords, organisers, airlines in Morocco.

    Agadir-Holiday.com is the mediator, not organizer, prepares and concludes contracts.

    Contract Partners are:
    Hotel Sherazade in Marrakech
    Travel Agent Bo Voyages in Agadir

  • Reservations
  • A reservation per telephone or in writing  with Agadir-Holday.com is legally binding. Please note that a later cancellation can result in cancellation fees. Please inquire about any fees when booking!

    More than 6 Weeks before the start 35%
    Between 1 and 6 Weeks : 5O%
    Less than 1 Week 100%

    When changing your reservation (hotel, rented car, etc.) up to 10% in fees can result, depending upon kind of the cancellation or change.

    In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend you send your reservation by E-Mail. With your reservation, you accept the general trading conditions of Agadir-Holiday.com. We recommend you print out our "Small Print".

  • Liability
  • Agadir-Holiday.com is not liable for any loss or damage, which results from mediation of services, as we are only the mediator. Our mediation of services is done with the utmost care and exactness.

    The services mediated through Agadir-Holiday.com are put together with utmost care. Nevertheless misprints or wrong quotations can occur. You will be informed of the exact and valid prices, as well as any additional extras, at the time of reservation.

  • Travel Insurance
  • We recommend you sign up for a insurance policy covering cancellation and curtailment costs. You can sign up directly under http://www.agadir-holiday.com/html/travel_info.html

  • Apartment or property size / Distances / Furnishing & Fittings
  • The information about furnishing and fittings or size of the object/property and distances are provided by the owner. For possible deviations or changes, of which Agadir-Holiday.com was not informed, we do not accept any liability.

  • Please take note of the following:
  • Please leave your valuables in your Hotel safe and do not leave your luggage unguarded in public areas.

    In order to avoid accidents, make sure that your children are always under supervision in hotels.

    Make yourselves familiar with escape routes in your hotel or apartment unit, to be prepared in case of an emergency.

    In medical emergencies please contact the hotel reception or our local office.

    When sun bathing please use a sun blocker with high UV protection factor to avoid sun burn.

  • Area of jurisdiction is Stuttgart
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