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Secret tip! A Riyadh hotel directly in the Medina of Marrakech.... experience living in 1001 night

Hotel Riad Marakech
Hotel Riad Marakech
Hotel Riad Marakech
Hotel Riad Marakech
Hotel Riad Marakech

and so she spun the thread of her story, interrupted it with the permission of king Sharijar and continued it the following night... And in such a way passed one thousand and one night . 
(from thousand and one night)

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This family run Riyadh hotel under Moroccan-German management is to be found in the heart of the Medina of Marrakesch, direct in the centre of a city out of one thousand and one nights.

The unique market place "Djama El Fna" is only two minutes on foot from the house.  You can also easily reach the Souks, in which the life of the city pulsates, as well as other fantastic places of interest in the old part of town, on foot within a few minutes.

The hotel is in a Riyadh (a house built by affluent merchants), with its typical Moroccan flair literally invites you to linger. Take a seat in the shady inner court and recuperate you from a eventful stroll and shopping spree in the old part of town, or you can sunbathe on the panorama terrace, with view of the "Koutoubia" the city landmark.

Savour Moroccan foods from our kitchen. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have furnished our rooms in the typical Moroccan style.

Our staff will gladly fulfil your each and every wish. We have 19 rooms, 2 of which are suites, 4 rooms have air conditioning, 1 mini apartment and 4 rooms with with a shared bathroom on the terrace.  Prices start from 25 Euro per day.

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Hotel Riad Marakech

Hotel Riad Marakech

Hotel Riad Marakech

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