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Privacy Policy would like to express its firm resolution to protect your privacy. How we deal with your private information in practice is described here.

The registration, order, and other forms require contact information, e.g. name and e-mail address. The user contact information is used to send product and company information over the Internet. This information is also used to contact the user if necessary. Users can cancel a requested e-mail subscription (Newsletter) at any time.

We co-operate with different partners. In the context of these partnerships it is often necessary to pass contact information on to them. This refers only to name, company, address, telephone and fax number, URL and e-mail address. We inform you that we are passing your information on to our partner either personally (by telephone) or by e-mail. Any further personal information will not made available to third parties.

This Site references (links) to other Web sites. is not responsible for the privacy policy rules and contents of these Web sites.

We also run a forum. Information that is published forum, is accessible for everyone in the forum. You should examine any content and the necessity their publication carefully before an unwanted publication of personal data appears there.

All personal information is maintained in a contact data base. This data is only locally available and not accessible to external persons or organisations.

All forms permit users to cancel the input of personal data.

You can have your personal data, which we have in our database with us, deleted. If you should not want any further communications from us or or want to use our services any more, can cancel through e-mail.

The data is then deleted out our contact data base. Data, which is needed for accounting purposes, are not affected by a cancellation.

Send any questions on our privacy policy to Thomas Kasan

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