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9 Day Trekking in Djebel Saghro

This journey is ideal for wanderers in the winter and in the off season. The mountain massif of Saghro is chaotic and grand.

The mountains are the last stone barrier before the desert where you can discover the Nomads way of life. The landscape consists of pics, petons, forests and canyons. The Saghro offers a various and very wild landscape.

You can see the Nomads there in the Ait Atta, who move here for the winter, where their herds find pasture.

1. day

Arrival in Marrakech or Agadir
and Transfer to your accommodation in the town.

2. day

Trekk Start

3. - 7. day

Morrocan LandscapeTrekking, overnight accommodation in tents

Saghro is of medium elevation and has a pleasant climate in the winter and off season. It is a stormy massif, with high summits and deep ravines.

Stony summits, strange fireplaces and rich plant life and in the centre of it all, an immense desert plateau accompany your way. This is Ai Atta nomads tribal land. On the way, you will constantly be meeting shepherds, farms and cultivated fields.

8. day

Return to Marrakech on the Kabas road

9. day

Free day in Marrakech for sight seeing in the town or a visit to the Souks, ...


The best travel to travel: February to May and October to December


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