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Enno Kleinert - Maler

Enno Kleinert - Maler

Enno Kleinert Maler

Enno Kleinert. The Painter. Marocco.

For more than 15 years sketches, studies and notes of fascinating landscapes in the 1001-Land Morocco have been filling the sketch books of the painter Enno Kleinert. Regularly, at least once a year, he travels to Morocco, primarily for vacation but also in order to work locally.

His passion lays in the culture, the various impressions of the biblical palm landscapes, the oriental architecture and especialally in the varied coastline with shipping, fishery and the Atlantic.

His impressions of the sharp light, the piercing or tone colouring, are initially put down in loose outlines and water colors. At home, in his studio, he then develops the large oil paintings.

Beside Agadir, Taroudant, Taffraout and Essaouira, the fisching village Taghazout has recently become his main domicile. An exhibition of his moroccan works would be very desirable.

When looking for suitable accomodation, Enno Kleinert regularly uses services of www.agadir-holidays.com. You can find more of his works on his homepage www.art-kunst-galerie.de.

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