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New : Trekking Tour  around Agouti: New Berber House "FLILOU"

Trekking in Agouti

We now offer guided Trekking Tours starting from Agouti. The Auberge lies in the middle of a valley in the high central Atlas. At 1800 metres the area is an enormous hiking area with many alternative routes.

Here we have included the new Berber House "Flilou" in our program, which is managed Beatrice and her Moroccan husband. Your arrival airport can be Marrakech or Casablanca (we have a transfer service arranged for you). You drive into the Vallée Aiet Bouguemez, also called the valley of the lucky ones, because it always has water and is a very fertile area.

The route leads from Marrakesch in the direction of Fes. After a half an hour, we branch off to AZILAL (the last city before the high mountains). The travel time to Azilal is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. After which a panorama route leads through idyllic mountain country into the Vallée Aït Bouguemez.

Agouti lays at the entrance to the valley and you will see the Auberge, when you enter the village, on the left side. On the road there is a yellow sign with "Gîte d'étape" on it. The panorama route takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and is very impressive.

From there we offer various tours from 1 to 7 days with a qualified mountain guide if you wish.

In our small Auberge you can relax and depending upon your wishes and mood, take walks through the fertile fields of the Vallée Aiet Bouguemez.

Popular places to visit are the Agouti castle or the Taria d'Arous gorge, the stork colonies at Timide or Marabout Sidi Moussa, the Berber souk in Tabant (Sunday), you can go searching for traces of dinosaurs or even take a mule ride.

Transfer service to and from the airports in Marrakesch or Casablanca can be arranged.

Prices for Accommodation in the Auberge :

  • 2 double rooms with shower and WC, 25,00 Euro per Person
  • 5 double rooms with community bathroom, per Person 20 Euro
  • A bed in the community sleeping hall (17 beds) with community bath and WC, per Person 10 Euro
  • There are three group rooms with up to 7 sleeping places (no beds, but thick mattresses) per Person 10 Euro.
  • Breakfast 4 Euro per Person
  • Supper 7 Euro per Person

In this way, everyone can freely choose the accommodation that their budget allows.

The Auberge lies in the middle of the valley in the high central Atlas at 1800 metres, in a huge trekking and hiking area with many varied trails and routes.

Trekking Tours 2005 with 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 days

All tours are led by qualified mountain guides. Mules are used to carry the luggage. The overnight stays are in tents.  The daily tours are between 5 to 7 hours.  All the meals, mules, the guides and tents are included in the price.

All tour destinations are in different regions, such as the Aït Bouwli or the Vallée M'Goun, as well as the 4 day mountain tour to the M'Goun summit (4068 m).

Prices per Person (in Groups of 4 Persons:

  • 1 day :    50.- Euro
  • 2 days: 120.- Euro
  • 3 days: 170.- Euro
  • 5 days: 250.- Euro
  • 7 days: 350.- Euro
  • Transfer from Marrakech or Casablanca Airport to Agouti 90 Euro
  • Qualified mountain guide 40 Euro per day
  • Mules 15 Euro per day

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